Development and supply of highly innovative enterprise software applications
We transform a company's approach to operations, delivering wide, cross organisational
functionality and achieving significant business value


An enterprise application for the civil and risk management of
infrastructure assets in the utility industry.


An enterprise application for the delivery by specialists of palliative
care, with the need identified through the analysis of integrated
socio-demographic information.

Latest News

Stonehaven Technology discusses Academic collaboration with Essex Business School

In 2016, Stonehaven Technology took part in a collaborative academic research project with the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University. The success of the project was such that the Student leading the project, was subsequently taken on as a full time employee by Stonehaven Technology.

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Stonehaven Technology Presents at Digital Catapult, London

Stonehaven Technology attended an Innovation Meeting at the Digital Catapult at King’s Cross, London and presented on our development of enterprise applications. Interesting to note the number of companies with an interest in the Health Sector and a great view!

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