Development and supply of highly innovative enterprise software applications
We transform a company's approach to operations, delivering wide, cross organisational
functionality and achieving significant business value


An enterprise application for the civil and risk management of
infrastructure assets in the utility industry.


An enterprise application for the delivery by specialists of palliative
care, with the need identified through the analysis of integrated
socio-demographic information.

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Stonehaven Technology attends the 2017 BIFM Awards as a Finalist

Stonehaven Technology at the 2017 BIFM Awards


Stonehaven Technology attended the 2017 BIFM Awards Event on the 9th October as a short listed finalist in the category of 'Innovation in Technology and Systems.' The winners announced on the evening were AstraZeneca PLC.

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Stonehaven Technology is shortlisted in this year's BIFM Awards

Stonehaven makes the shortlist out of twenty candidates, joining the six nominees for the 2017 BIFM Facilities Management Awards in Innovation on Technology and Systems.
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