Product Development

Over the past few years, we have taken an unusual approach, of looking at a business sector, analysing the need for enterprise application software and then actively developing a prototype product. We then work with like minded individuals, organisations and companies to mature the prototype to a released product, often generating commercial advantage for our development partners.

Truly innovative product development in any sector is a steep challenge. From our experience so far, each time we think we have come up with a great idea, we always anticipate that someone, somewhere, has already seen the opportunity and had a go at something innovative. However, we frequently see that the majority of the innovative suggestions, ideas, projects or even products, provide only a very partial solution and are often quickly outdated. These form tremendously useful references to allow us to gain an understanding of the scale of an opportunity and methods of approach, plus on occasion some wonderful data sources. Just as beneficial, are the opportunities to work with sector specialists or company keepers of knowledge, whose insights can transform our approach to a potential opportunity.

We recognise that every business sector develops pockets of incredibly useful data, which when discovered, transformed and integrated, can deliver incredible insights, knowledge and new ways of working. We also know that successfully achieving innovation is very much dependent on the culture of an organisation and its readiness for change delivered through technology. Obstacles will always exist and we work in pursuit of delivering technology to enhance the decision making of individuals and organisations, though having the most efficient procedures and putting the most accurate and timely information in front of the right people.