How in a few minutes we could have saved Booths Supermarkets £35,000

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Anyone with an occasional eye on the headline news in the United Kingdom in mid-July will have noted incidents of torrential rain and subsequent flash flooding. These may well be an ‘Act of God’ but there are still plenty of actions businesses and households can take to mitigate the consequences.

Booths Supermarkets has 28 retail locations in the North of England. One of the locations is the Supermarket at Kirkby Lonsdale, a small town on the Cumbria / Lancashire border. The Booths Supermarket was extended in 2012 and has roughly 15,000 Square Foot of Retail Space.   

Booths store1

Retail Week provides macro figures of Booths achieving £850 revenue per Square Foot in a Financial Year. This equates to an estimated turnover for Booths Kirby Lonsdale of £12,750,000, or roughly £35,000 a day.


The store has a high level of enduring surface water risk, at the Western edge of the store, adjacent to the Service Area, as illustrated by the following image:

Booths map

The boxed ‘1’ in the image above represents where the following image of the store was taken from. It can be seen that the wide area of the service yard has a small, but steady gradient toward the service area at the Western (back) end of the store. Two Aco drains are identifiable intersecting the service area.


booths view

A yellow weather warning for heavy rain, was issued by the Met Office for 19th July. Our ‘Guardian Flooding and Extreme Weather Risk Management Application’ enables companies to identify the rivers and seas and surface water flood risk to individual locations and manage mitigations, both long term and dynamic. For example, Booths could consider creating additional drainage capacity in the service yard as a long term measure, whilst for a dynamic response to surface water risk, a temporary, rapidly deployable flood barrier could be procured.

Our application enables Corporate Office staff to perpetually monitor the weather situation and allows the configuration of both automated alerts and the creation and dissemination of manual alerts, in response to an evolving situation.

A pre-emptive SMS and e-mail to store staff informing staff to deploy the temporary barrier to a pre-identified and recorded location would have successfully mitigated the surface water event, saving the store from closure of loss of £35,000 revenue and untold costs of stock loss and clean-up activities.


With the increase of rainfall and floods, it is imperative for retail and other businesses across the UK to include data analytics to assess the risk of suffering losses that could reach millions of pounds. At Stonehaven we're happy to have a chat about your particular needs.