Stonehaven Technology announces support from Loughborough University

Posted by Alastair Robb on

Stonehaven Technology has received support from Loughborough University for further development of its innovative Palliative Care needs analysis and delivery Enterprise application. One Systems Engineering MEng Student will work directly with Stonehaven Technology over a period of nine months to assess and gather requirements from potential Genevieve users and conduct research to increase the range of mature data sets which can be integrated within the application.

Genevieve screenshot

Geo analysis within Genevieve

Jonathan Crook, Director of Stonehaven Technology commented, "We are really excited to have the support of an outstanding Master's Student from Loughborough University and very much look forward to rapidly maturing Genevieve in the coming months. The current demands placed on the NHS, the real need for efficient delivery of palliative care and of course the demographic situation in the UK mean that there is a significant opportunity for Genevieve with a number of different NHS and Health organisations. From what we have already seen, this collaborative project will only widen the possibilities for Genevieve."

Loughborough University is one of the top 20 research-led universities in the country. Loughborough is renowned for the relevance of its work, driven by society’s need for solutions to real-life issues. Loughborough has a very active strategy of partnering with business for research, consultancy, new technologies and services and recruiting high calibre students and graduates for placements or employment.

Loughborough University