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Stonehaven Technology has gained a contract with a leading UK retailer for applying 'Guardian,' their innovative risk management application to the topical issue of flooding in the United Kingdom.

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Stonehaven Technology has received support from Loughborough University for further development of its innovative Palliative Care needs analysis and delivery Enterprise application. One Systems Engineering MEng Student will work directly with Stonehaven Technology over a period of nine months to assess and gather requirements from potential Genevieve users and conduct research to increase the range of mature data sets which can be integrated within the application.

Genevieve screenshot

Geo analysis within Genevieve

Jonathan Crook, Director of Stonehaven Technology commented, "We are really excited to have the support of an outstanding Master's Student from Loughborough University and very much look forward to rapidly maturing Genevieve in the coming months. The current demands placed on the NHS, the real need for efficient delivery of palliative care and of course the demographic situation in the UK mean that there is a significant opportunity for Genevieve with a number of different NHS and Health organisations. From what we have already seen, this collaborative project will only widen the possibilities for Genevieve."

Loughborough University is one of the top 20 research-led universities in the country. Loughborough is renowned for the relevance of its work, driven by society’s need for solutions to real-life issues. Loughborough has a very active strategy of partnering with business for research, consultancy, new technologies and services and recruiting high calibre students and graduates for placements or employment.

Loughborough University

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The interest in Stonehaven Technology's Gatekeeper Machine to Machine device and a number of exciting evolving opportunities has prompted research and development work to commence on Gatekeeper 2. In a move to enhance supplier chain efficiency and quality for Gatekeeper 2, Stonehaven Technology has established a formal collaborative partnership with Cable Power, a company based in Essex. Cable Power specialises in supplying key hardware technology parts and solutions to a number of well-known UK technology companies, including Network Rail and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Cable Power

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Stonehaven Technology attended the 2016 Flood Resilience Conference at the BRE National Centre for Resilience, in Watford, to discuss with Stakeholders the role of comprehensive enterprise information systems in managing flood and extreme weather risk.


The United Kingdom’s weather is changing with warmer winters and greater incidence of torrential rain in summer. The consequence is an increased number of flooding events and accompanying loss and damage, particularly to exposed, unprepared properties.

A core theme of the Resilience Conference was that property owners who identify and understand enduring risk, are most likely to have the necessary knowledge of actions to be taken to mitigate this risk. A further theme was that greater variance of weather creates a necessity to identify and track the dynamic risk from weather extremes, in particular torrential rain.

Stonehaven Technology will soon release a beta version of a free online application, ‘Floodsonline’ which will enable individual users to register up to three properties, identify the enduring risk of flooding and then understand evolving dynamic risk. In England alone, some 5.2 million properties are at risk of flooding. Every year organisations such as retailers suffer from the consequences of flood events, from rivers or seas or surface water, losing stock, revenue and inheriting significant repair cost.

Free Flood and Extreme Weather Risk Management Application soon to be launched


Free Flood and Extreme Weather Risk Management Application soon to be launched

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Stonehaven Technology visited ALS Media in the heart of the City of London to give a demonstration of "Guardian", the versatile Risk Management Enterprise Application and to discuss emerging technology trends and risk management requirements across the world of insurance. ALS Media is a dynamic media company covering the international insurance risk market and publishers of World Risk Insight and MAT Risk Insight.

After seeing Guardian, Jon Guy, Managing Director of ALS Media commented, "The sheer versatility provided by the integration of a range of data sources, intuitive interfaces and immediate presentation of critical information will undoubtedly prove to be very attractive to different economic sectors. The insurance industry are always pursuing better ways of both making use of and understanding a range of data sources. This application, Guardian, can meet many analytical and risk management requirements of companies and it will be very interesting to see which modules prove to have the greatest demand."

Guardian is a risk management enterprise application developed over a number of years by Stonehaven Technology and applicable to any company with a number of geographically dispersed assets.

ALS Media

World Risk Insight

MAT Risk Insight