Delivering Efficiently

  • We take a comprehensive approach to software design, development and support.
  • We commonly work with:
    • Companies driven by the pursuit of achieving greater operational efficiencies, streamlining business processes and reducing costs.
    • Companies with a desire to do things differently, achieve a competitive advantage and deliver growth.
  • We conduct consultancy in the area of Business process Services, working with clients to evaluate how to achieve an advantage in the marketplace through the use of IT.
  • We look to refine business processes, to save on costs and re-direct valuable resources, bringing efficiency and greater opportunities to innovate and grow.
“The Stonehaven Technology team were extremely diligent in their engagement with us. We were impressed by their considerable application and the deliverables of the project surpassed our expectations”
James Miller Managing Director of Brentwood Communications
Brentwood Communications Ltd

Our Approach

The first aspect is for us to establish a mutual understanding with clients and for the expectations of all parties to be clearly articulated and acknowledged. From our experiences, the greater the effort put into establishing the requirements of the project, the more accurate the quotes for development options, development resource, effort and ultimately time and cost.

Project Concept

We conduct a detailed business and requirements analysis, conducted by both business analysts and members of the development team. We find that early involvement of members of the development team is an important benefit to mitigate project risk.

Project Documentation

A comprehensive set of Project Documents are put together, including the fundamental requirements document.

Project Analysis and Option

We dive into real detail, researching data sources and testing third party integrations. We consider options to meet customer objectives and quite often present and discuss with customers.

Data Modelling and User Interface

We use the CUBA.Platform for the development of our enterprise applications, which allows us to examine data model options, put together wire frames and then make amendments and additions to the CUBA interfaces as required. The CUBA.Platform automates a number of routine tasks and allows developers to focus on advanced functionality.

Agile Development

We insist on only conducting Agile Development and shun a Waterfall Approach. Development is usually conducted using the CUBA.Platform and we plan to conduct the development of distinct work packages.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The CUBA.Platform includes elements of automated testing, which are used as required. At the culmination of each module of agile development, we conduct internal testing and quality assurance. On initial completion of development, we conduct beta testing with the client.

Training and Implementation

For each project, user training might be required, quite possibly role specific. Concurrently, we manage the implementation of the system on the environment designated by the client. Where possible, we continually monitor the performance of the application and provide close support to ensure that the system is well established and all users are content.

Lessons Identified

Every project is unique, with distinct challenges and the development of new functionality. On the culmination of a project, we consider client feedback and take time to reflect on our performance, evaluating opportunities to improve, to streamline processes and to exploit any new functionality.

CUBA Platform

The CUBA.platform is a high level Java framework evolved by Haulmont Technology for faster enterprise software development.

CUBA amplifies the power of
industry-leading open source

vaadin google-maps activiti amcharts spring gradle eclipselink lucene

Developer-friendly developer-friendly
Pure Java

Develop in Java with a declarative user interface. No need to use HTML, CSS or JavaScript to create a standard web UI.

Your IDE + awesome tools

Focus on the application logic in your preferred IDE and let CUBA Studio take care of your routine work.

Open architecture

Be confident of zero pitfalls. Adapt the platform to your needs with the full source code, wide use of the open inheritance pattern and the unique Extensions feature.

Productive productive

Large collection of data-aware visual components, generic data filters, BPM, reports, charts, data access control, audit, full-text search, credit cards processing and more.


Project build and database scripts generation, CRUD screens scaffolding, WYSIWYG layout design and automatic hot deploy.

Quick to master

Instant project start, intuitive visual interface for developers, extensive documentation and video tutorials.

Enterprise Ready entrprise ready

Сlear separation between tiers, support for highly available deployment configurations, asynchronous tasks execution and more.

Ready for your environment

Web interface, generic REST API, aPaaS deployment, support for most popular application servers and databases.


Used by hundreds of businesses worldwide. Solutions range from web portal backends to complex end-to-end systems running thousands of users 24/7.