We are an innovative software development company, developing both our own products and undertaking projects for clients in different industries. We develop enterprise applications, from small scale proof of concept projects, to substantial projects to deliver cross company functionality. Quite frequently we are asked to integrate a bespoke application with other applications, or with third party technology. As a company, we have also taken the lead in conducting our own analysis of particular business sectors, in order to develop our own innovative software.

Our team has wide experience of developing bespoke software in a variety of business areas and industries. We have implemented applications in a number of different countries and worked embedded in companies for periods of time, to provide outstanding levels of support.

We offer a consultancy service, to gain a deep understanding of the nature of a business, its desired business objectives, processes and existing IT systems. innovation competition.

Then through gathering potential requirements of a client, we help companies decide if there is a true opportunity to maximise the return in investment of a software development project and if it is a project which we can comprehensively fulfil.

In the years since incorporation, we have won one national Technology Strategy Board competition and twice been finalists in other national innovation competitions.

A brief overview


Company shortlisted finalists for the British Institute of Facilities Management Awards for Technology Innovation.


Company launches Guardian Flood Risk Management application.


Company rebranded as Stonehaven Technology and commences work in the NHS Sector We are finalists in the Energy Innovation Centre Innovation Awards


The company delivers its first project to an overseas customer
Haulmont Technology becomes an equity partner


We start to work with Utility Companies


Company wins a national Technology Strategy Board competition


Company is incorporated as Cyberalpha Ltd based at the University of Essex

Key Personnel

We are a technology company with a highly innovative outlook, generating our own software products from our own business analysis. We have a proven record of working in varied sectors and delivering highly original enterprise application software, bringing business change and achieving significant efficiency for our clients. Stonehaven Technology has hard won experience of developing enterprise applications and associated technology for different industries in a number of countries. We enjoy the challenge of diving deep into new business sectors and working with companies who are seeking to apply technology to achieve their aims.

Jonathan Crook
Jonathan Crook

Jonathan founded the company and leads on client engagement, designing functional specifications, project management and delivery, whilst managing the business. Jonathan has completed a full time MBA at Ashridge Hult Business School, worked in a number of countries and gained a range of diverse experiences in the British Army.

Alexey Stukalov
Aleksey Stukalov

Aleksey has rich experience of leading software development projects for a variety of businesses and as acting as a technology evangelist. Aleksey has a BSc in Applied Maths and Computer Science from Samara State Aerospace University and won a scholarship to attend Colorado Heights University in the USA.

Harish Pesala
Harish Pesala
Product Manager

Harish is responsible for business development, requirements acquisition and product development. Harish brings his experience working in Product Management at GE Oil & Gas and has an MEng in Systems Engineering from Loughborough University.

Igor Korotkov
Igor Korotkov
Lead Developer

Igor gained a Specialist Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics from Samara State University. Igor has substantial experience of leading the development of enterprise applications, particularly through Java and the CUBA platform.

Professor Pavel Yakimov
Professor Pavel Yakimov

Professor Yakimov specialises in Applied Parallel Computing and Image Processing. He works with Stonehaven Technology on the commercial application of image processing and related technology.

Professor Hongsheng Dai
Professor Hongsheng Dai

Professor Dai advises Stonehaven Technology on data exploitation and the application of statistical modelling. Professor Dai has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Tanjin University, a Master of Science in Statistics from Peking University and a Doctorate in Statistics from the University of Oxford. Professor Dai researches and teaches at the University of Essex.

Over the past few years, we have taken an unusual approach, of looking at a business sector, analysing the need for enterprise application software and then actively developing a prototype product. We then work with like minded individuals, organisations and companies to mature the prototype to a released product, often generating commercial advantage for our development partners.

Truly innovative product development in any sector is a steep challenge. From our experience so far, each time we think we have come up with a great idea, we always anticipate that someone, somewhere, has already seen the opportunity and had a go at something innovative. However, we frequently see that the majority of the innovative suggestions, ideas, projects or even products, provide only a very partial solution and are often quickly outdated. These form tremendously useful references to allow us to gain an understanding of the scale of an opportunity and methods of approach, plus on occasion some wonderful data sources. Just as beneficial, are the opportunities to work with sector specialists or company keepers of knowledge, whose insights can transform our approach to a potential opportunity.

We recognise that every business sector develops pockets of incredibly useful data, which when discovered, transformed and integrated, can deliver incredible insights, knowledge and new ways of working. We also know that successfully achieving innovation is very much dependent on the culture of an organisation and its readiness for change delivered through technology. Obstacles will always exist and we work in pursuit of delivering technology to enhance the decision making of individuals and organisations, though having the most efficient procedures and putting the most accurate and timely information in front of the right people.

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